Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lake Date

I love when things just fall into place and work out. I couldn't have planned today better if I had tried!


Danette and her little family are in town from Connecticut visiting her family {I work with her mom who is like my second mom}. Typically whenever Danette comes to town I go to the beach so it was unusual that we would both be in VA at the same time. We had chatted about hanging out while she was here BUT knew it would be hard to squeeze it in. I was thrilled when I got a text last night from her asking about my plans for the day. I told her that we were going to the lake but I could rearrange things since Kimberly had a flexible schedule today too. Kimberly and I planned a lake date today with the three Lennox littles and their summer brother. Danette said they were planning on doing the same thing so it couldn't have worked out more perfectly. We met up at the lake and had a lovely morning!

Grammy doesn't get to see her babies as much as she would love to.  She is enjoying every single moment she has with them while they are in town and I couldn't be happier to have been able to capture just a few of them! Here are a few of our photos from the day!

Danette and I are soul sisters and besties across the miles. Although we don't see each other often each time it is like no time at all has passed. I love how Facebook and a smart phone can keep you so connected {luckily we have unlimited texting because I am certain we would go over each month if not}. Danette is an amazing person with a positive outlook on life. She is smart, nurturing, caring, sympathetic and always has the right things to say. Danette has been my shoulder to cry on more times than once through some really tough times and she has always listened, without judgement and offered encouragement and support. There are so many things that I admire about her but most of all she has followed her dreams and is an amazing mom to two beautiful little babies, G and Ben! She truly is a wonderful person and I am lucky to call her a friend.

Cheri, Kimberly and I work together and have been friends for as long as I've been there. Danette and Kimberly hit it right off because being mommies and reality TV junkies! We had lots to chat about after this weeks Bachelorette drama and the upcoming episode of Big Brother. {Don't judge!} We had a great chill day at the lake and Kimberly and I didn't even have to get in the murky lake water.

The Lennox crew are no strangers to my lens and I wasted no time snapping pictures of their beautiful little faces. I always have a blast hanging out with them and Kimberly truly is one of my closest and dearest friends who I also adore. We always have fun adventures together with her three littles. My heart was melting today when Katy was asking me to push her on the swing, "Mrs. Jones, push me high in the sky, please." Ryan was at his best today with his silly sense of humor and charm. He had us cracking up even if he was being "all boy."He hung out with us at the swings while P played with their summer brother. Ryan is a little tooting machine and sometimes trouble with a capital T! You can see the twinkle in his eyes.

Another great summer day! Feeling blessed to have such great friends and a job that allows me to enjoy summer days stress free! I am so sad to say goodbye to July because the reality that August brings is breaking my heart {Sigh!}. 

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