Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Fields Family

Happy August! I am only saying that because I am trying to convince myself that it is OK for summer to be winding down. I've had a busy week of photo shoots but I have been loving every second of it. I am sad to know that it will be coming to an end an This mornings shoot was threatened by rain. Kelly and I were chatting about the weather last night and touched base this morning and when we both left the house it was raining pouring. By the time we arrived at Signal Hill Park the rain had stopped and we had a perfect morning shoot!

Meet Kelly! Isn't she gorgeous?! She claims that she isn't photogenic and doesn't love pictures of herself but I think this proves her wrong ;)! Kelly and I were introduced 2 years ago at Teacher Meet and Greet. Ellie, her oldest was in my class. Ellie had a great year in 1st grade and mommy loved all of the pictures I shared on Shutterfly. Kelly used the pictures from our classroom site to create a photo album that documented Ellie's year in first grade so it was no surprise when she wanted a family shoot.

Kelly is such a great person and Ellie and Carson are lucky to have her as their mommy!Kelly and I realized we had a lot in common and quickly became friendly. Kelly is also a teacher in the county and at the time we both taught first grade. She is crafty and has a great eye for what looks good. When they showed up to day I told her that I couldn't have dressed/accessorized them more perfectly. She is a very trendy and fashion forward mama! 

She looked gorgeous in her navy blue dress with pearls. Carson on the other hand would have disagreed about mommy's good taste because the shoes he was wearing were NOT his favorite and he made sure we knew it. Ellie also shared how much she disliked her headband and her shoes. {Sigh, the price you pay to be beautiful!} Ellie & Nora were my two little misses who always came to school in the cutest outfits with the biggest bows. Their moms were made to be mommies of sweet little girls.

On my way to the shoot I stopped and grabbed bubbles because when all else fails bubbles entertain small children. While at Walmart I had a vision of a Pinterest inspired photo that a friend had shared with me with GLITTER!!! Since I had a few minutes I rushed to the craft section and bought the biggest thing of silver glitter that I could find. Have you ever found a Pinterest idea that goes wildly wrong or brilliantly? I am not sure which way this went but the pictures turned out A D O R A B L E although Kelly will be finding glitter in all kinds of places for months to come!

I had to take a few shots of Carson on my phone to send to my husband. It looked like this little man had a wild night and we got a good giggle out of the glitter that was everywhere!

{Lesson learned, we should have done the glitter last and away from the bags. Oh well! They were extra sparkly all day!}

Four little feet were dying to jump in puddles since we figured that our shoot may have been washed out, puddle shots would have been cute right?!

After the glitter and bubbles we ran on the baseball field and then made our way to the playground area! Ellie found the swings and Carson wasn't so sure he wanted to join her BUT he did. He was hilarious. He wanted so badly to swing but he would freak out every time mommy pushed him. One minute he was saying, "Push me higher please." and the next minute he was screaming, "NO NO NO STOP ME MOMMY." Kelly felt bad for being so entertained by this.

Since the weather was supposed to be yucky we had the whole park to ourselves UNTIL another little boy and his dad arrived. Then we had a little photo bomber haha! Kelly and I being teachers didn't mind his company but his dad was not too happy with him. Carson and Ellie were not to thrilled with him either haha.

Kelly and the kids love Sweet Frog and frequent there often so I had suggested using that as bribery! The morning slipped by and before we knew it it was 12:00 so we headed to get frozen yogurt. This was my first Sweet Frog experience but I was happy to learn they have both Gluten and Dairy Free options {YAY!}. I was a little overwhelmed by all of the choices but the kids were pro and wasted no time loading up the cups. They had some wacky combinations but they were two happy campers!

Kelly and I got to chat all morning about school, summer and the kids while getting some awesome shots! We had a lot of fun and I am really happy with the way the pictures are coming out! I hope you enjoy them!


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