Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Banks Family

I had the pleasure of spending the morning with the Banks family {minus daddy} today!

Meet Koldin and Kenai. They are mommy's K Boys! Aren't they the cutest little boys EVER? Mommy likes to buy matching outfits when she can because she thinks it's much harder to find cute little boy clothes. These just MELT MY HEART!

Derra and I work together. Last year we became neighbors when I moved into the labs right next to the library! Derra is our librarian and she is an awesome one at that. Derra is not afraid to incorporate technology into her lessons {which I LOVE about her}! She is always willing to throw out ideas, work as a team and collaborate! Not only is she an awesome co-worker, she is also the mommy of these two beautiful little boys! I have spent lots of time with Derra at work and last year we had a blast presenting at FETC in Florida but it was fun to see her in a different element, her role as mommy.

Koldin is 4 and Kenai is 2. I spent most of the morning calling them the wrong name but was reassured when Derra told me that she does it all the time! When Koldin wasn't running {Yes! Just like Forest Gump!} he was busy with something else. There was NOT a still or dull moment with him. Koldin was fascinated by the boats on the Potomac River and wanted to know when we were going to the beach. Being near Quntico we kept hearing loud noises and he wanted to make sure that an airplane hadn't crashed into the power plant. He quickly found the playground and led Kenai in that direction. Kenai is so mellow and a go with the flow kind of guy. He was happy to be hanging out by his brother's side and doing whatever was put in front of him. They are both ALL BOY and were happy to be getting dirty, knocking things down and running around.

 I love the sense of wonder in this one <3!

Derra had fun playing with the boys but also kept her distance so they could enjoy themselves at the park/beach.

This may just be one of my favorite images from the shoot. There is just something so sweet and adorable about these sandy little boy feet with their jean overalls all rolled up. <3

Enjoy the K Boys Slide Show!

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