Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Palmer Family

On Friday morning I got a frantic email from a fellow worrier, Kristin, wanting to switch her location! I can joke because we have this in common! I worry about the sun coming up so I can totally relate! Kristin's husband and I were able to reassure her that it would be perfect {or at least that's what I was hoping} and we decided to stick with our plan! Fairfax Government Center is beautiful and was absolutely perfect. Really when it comes down to location, any outdoor space will do but I love shooting in new places and it is always nice when the kids are comfortable in their surroundings and can pretend like I am not even there!

The Palmer's are a family of 5! Kristin and Sean are the proud parents of 3 littles, Katie, 8, Ryan, 5 and Evan, 2 1/2 (All of their names end in N, the girls are 7 letters long and the boys are 4!). They are such a sweet family and I had so much fun hanging out with them this morning. I love that this "work" allows me to meet so many different people and build relationships. I feel like so many of my clients have turned more into friends. 

Katie is the oldest and she is a girly girl. Pink twirly skirt, pink glasses and a sweet little personality. It didn't take long before she was posing for the camera! Look out world, we have another budding model. Katie loves school, especially math and is looking forward to starting 3rd grade. 

Ryan is the middle child and he is full of energy. He is on the go and loves to run. Ryan will be a first grader this year so he was excited to hear that I used to teach first grade. His eyes are stunning!

Evan is the baby although he would argue that he is a big boy. This little man wore a huge smile on his face all morning. He was so happy to be outside playing with his brother and sister. He loved finding rocks to throw over the bridge and he also loves race cars.

I really loved seeing this family together and the kids were so entertained outside. They weren't talking about their iPods, TV or computer. They were having fun being kids and playing outside. They loved throwing rocks into the water even if they almost knocked us out when the rocks didn't quite make it over the railing. They loved running, blowing bubbles, telling jokes, and just hanging out as a family which is so refreshing to see. 

Kristin is such a loving and nurturing mommy. Sean is the quite and reserved daddy who was going with the flow and happily came along for the photo adventure. We had a fun morning and the kids got ice cream for lunch {hope that wasn't a secret!} for their good behavior during the shoot. LOVE these silly shots because isn't this what life is like with 3 littles!?

Enjoy the slide show!


  1. Awww....Love it! They turned out awesome!

    1. Thanks! I loved working with this family. They were awesome!