Saturday, August 3, 2013

Perreault Family

Carla was referred to me by one of my work buddies which I really appreciate! {Thanks Derra!}  Carla is celebrating her birthday today and with her family in town she thought a family photo shoot would be a great birthday present and I couldn't agree more!

To be honest, last night when Carla emailed me a few last minute questions about who would be at the shoot I got a little nervous. Since I've never done a shoot with so many people I wasn't sure what to expect especially since most photographers frown upon it. In total there were 5 adults {herself, her sister and her 3 kids} with the 3 littles (all under 3) BUT it couldn't have worked out more perfectly! Everyone was so helpful and willing to pitch in. Daniel wins the MVP award! He was carrying babies, lugging props, sliding, running after, tickling, moving props, straightening headbands and dresses, and washing sandy feet! I loved having a big group and it really made my job a lot easier so I could focus more on the photos and less on everything else!

Carla is the proud mama of 4, Sarah and Nicole who are the oldest and twins, James, who wasn't able to be with us today and Daniel, the baby! Carla has also been blessed with 3 grandbabies!

Sarah is the beautiful mama of Lily who was having no parts in picture taking today! Lily wanted to play, play, play and we bribed her with some water time! She was most smiley when Uncle Dan was chasing her on the beach! 

Nicole is the lovely mommy of Noah and is expecting her 2nd later this year. Noah is a doll baby with his blue eyes and little cheeks!!!

Daniel is the proud new daddy of Rosalie, his first little bundle of joy. Rosalie was the most cooperative of the bunch. There were no tears and not even any fussing. She was happy to be outdoors with her daddy, big cousins, grandma and aunts for the morning! 

Getting three littles 2 and under to all look at the camera and smile is nearly impossible no matter how many adults are standing around, jumping, singing, dancing, making noises, clapping, blowing bubbles and everything else short of standing on their heads!

Lily tried to avoid the camera all morning and would not give up a smile, until Uncle Dan chased her around the beach! 

Noah was happy once barefoot and with snacks or his fingers in his mouth! He loved my soft blanket. I have a feeling if we would've left him alone much longer he might have been fast asleep on this cozy throw. Nicole & her family arrived from CT late last night so a wake up call at 7:00am was too early for this little man. 

Sweet little Rosalie just wanted to be snuggled. She wasn't so sure about being alone on the ground but was happy in anyones arms or when her cousins were near her! 

It was such a pleasure to meet this family! Carla was the cutest mama and grandma and the love she has for her kids and grandkids was so sweet. She even got a bit teary thinking of them all being together and I am such a softie for this kind of stuff. Happy Birthday Carla! I hope you treasure these images for years to come! We had a great morning!  Although we don't have puffy clouds and bright blue skies the rain held off and we only had a few raindrops. We ended our morning on the "beach" area. No family photo shoot is complete without a full blown meltdown from one little, luckily we finished up just in time before the tears really started to fall.

I hope you enjoy the slide show!


  1. YEAH! So glad the shoot went well! What you posted looks just amazing!

    1. Thanks so much for the referral Derra! They were lovely and despite not having blue skies and puffy clouds the shoot went really well. Thanks for always reading my blogs, looking at my pictures and commenting on Facebook. It really means a lot to me! I am super excited for your shoot with the boys next week! <3 Hugs!