Sunday, August 11, 2013

King's Dominion

Happy weekend friends! I've been so busy behind the lens that I took a small break today for a summer adventure to King's Dominion with the Lennox crew! I strongly debated not bringing the camera because I have had horrible luck lately with breaking things including my glasses, my iPad, and the guest bathroom shower. I also had to send my camera out earlier this summer for a dust spot so I wasn't sure King's Dominion was my best option but being without my camera is like being naked! SO I brought it along but only caught a few moments!

Ryan and Patrick are pros behind the lens!

Mommy and P on the Giant Eagle. This ride looked mild but it made Kimberly and I a little dizzy! 

Hold on tight little man!

I fell in LOVE with Snoopy Land! I am obsessed with Peanuts <3! This sign just sums me up perfectly! 

Having our picture taken with Linus (my favorite Peanuts character) was the highlight of my day!

One of Kimberly's BFFs from college joined us with her two gorgeous littles so I had a few new subjects that I had to capture. I loved meeting Tara and her two boys! We had a blast and it was a much needed break from being in front of the computer screen. We had so much fun that we are thinking about season passes next year. It was my first time at King's Dominion and there is so much to see and do that we surely missed more than half of the excitement!

Alex was such a trooper hanging out in the heat!

He had fun playing peek-a-boo with his hat while waiting for the big kids to ride rides!

And then he needed a little nap! Doesn't he look like a precious little doll baby? Love every detail of sweet baby pictures!

Jackson and Ryan discovered a lizard that they watched intently UNTIL it started moving towards them!

Jackson might have almost peed his pants when the lizard headed his way!

The water park was the best part of our day! Jackson had fun dancing in the water with the big boys!

I guess it is a good thing my camera took a break because these two littles were NOT happy behind the lens today! This picture just captures their sentiment perfectly!

Patrick wouldn't even look at me. {Tear!} My sweet little P man is turning into a stinky little third grader! {Sigh!}

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