Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Nora!


Happy Birthday Sweet Nora! Nora turned 8 and I can still remember the day I met her two years ago. She flew into my classroom talking a mile a minute. She was SO excited to be a first grader in my class. Nora is a girl that does school. You could say she is a teacher pleaser, she wants to do well, she loves to learn, she wants to help and she wants to be a friend to everyone. Miss Nora spent a year in my classroom and each day I fell a little more in love with her.

She is as sweet as she is cute which I find can be hard to come by. Always with a bow, a fashionable outfit and a bright smile Nora just melts my heart!

We've formed a bond that I can't really describe but I truly adore this little peanut. {Thanks Jennifer for taking our photo although I look a hot sweaty mess!}  Last year our bond grew and she promised I would always be her favorite {Sorry, Miss Jaffee! Hehe!}! I am no longer Mrs. Jones but have become Auntie Jones, she came up with this {totally on her own} a few months back, cheek kisses and all! She is a true character and such a spunky little person. I love her for the beautiful little girl that she is on the inside and out!

We had a fun "It's Great to be 8" photo shoot before her birthday party today! Seriously, does it get any cuter than this? She was a natural behind the lens and I don't think I got one picture of this little lady even when she was making silly faces!

Since the party was at the pool we glittered it up knowing she would get a few dips in before going home. Have you ever played with glitter? It is impossible to get rid of completely. {Sorry, Shanna! You will  be finding glitter in random places for weeks to come!}

Shanna has become such a great personal friend! Shanna is such an amazing mommy and would do anything for her two littles. She is a bit OCD and a lady of details. In her next life she is going to be a party planner. She's been planning this mermaid, underwater themed {mermaids sound "too baby" says Nora!} for weeks. Every detail was perfect and gorgeous! The color scheme, the poms, the place settings, the buckets of snacks, the cupcakes, the cotton candy, the favors, everything was thought out and executed perfectly.

Despite the threat of rain this morning the weather held out and it was a perfect day for a pool party! Mermaids and mommies had fun!!! Even this little mermaid who did NOT want her picture taken, silly little giggle pants!

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