Monday, July 29, 2013

Lennox Family

 The Lennox's are one of my favorite families to hang out with during the summer! Kimberly and I work together and became friends way back when I started {7 years ago, wow has it been that long?}. We always have fun adventures and today was no different, well except we made John tag along! We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather this morning for the Lennox family photo shoot!

Kimberly married her true love, John and their family became complete with Patrick (8), Ryan (6) and Katy (2). She often says they have two boys and a little rose <3. You may have read about this lovely family here or here.

I know I have said it before but part of why I love photography is being able to watch people and families interact with each other and capture moments. I adored watching the Lennox crew play together at the park this morning.

Kimberly and John are amazing parents and balance each other so well. John is protective and Kimberly would call him a tad OCD {we have that in common} while she is laid back and takes everything in stride. They make a great team to these three littles.

Patrick is the oldest. He must always be first. He is a rule follower at school, smart, funny, sweet, and sometimes just a little bit stinky!

Ryan and Patrick are best friends. They play together and always have so much fun but they also know how to push each other's buttons and that they do sometimes.

Ryan is the middle. He is charming, witty, hilarious, and sometimes just a little bit sneaky! Ryan's sole purpose in life is to be a big brother. He loves Katy like nothing I've ever seen before {not that P doesn't but it's different}.

Katy is the baby! She is the one that completed the Lennox family <3. She is adorable, silly, and sometimes just a little bit naughty.

We had a great morning at the park and I cannot wait to share the slide show with you! There are so many awesome pictures I had such a hard time picking favorites for Facebook and this post! Thank you Kimberly and John for giving me the opportunity to capture your gorgeous family. 

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