Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Meet Sweet Emily

Meet Emily! She is 3 months old, absolutely gorgeous and has stunning blue eyes. It was impossible to get a bad shot of her (which is why it is 12:26 and I am still playing in LightRoom, drooling over the images and writing this blog post)! I have it narrowed down from 399 photos to 171. I don't know how I will ever choose {favorites}.

My friend Christine has been watching sweet Emily since the beginning of summer! Christine is good friends with Kelly, Emily's mommy. Kelly and her family are moving at the end of the week and as a surprise going away gift Christine asked me to do a 3 month photo shoot for sweet Emily. Isn't that the best gift idea ever? Remember when I said Christine is thoughtful, true story! Since they are moving on Saturday we had to work fast so we snuck some photos today. Christine was sneaky and told Kelly that she wanted to practice with her camera and asked her to pack a few extra outfits. I toted along my trunk full of blankets, buckets, boxes and other props and we created our own studio in Christine's home (you should have seen the mess we created). I am much more comfortable shooting in natural light but the summer heat and humidity have arrived here in Northern Virginia so we opted to stay indoors. I quickly began scouting the house for a location and Christine suggested a spare bedroom upstairs that had FABULOUS light pouring in the windows. Today was the day I fell in love with my 50mm f/1.8 lens. I have been waiting for this moment since everyone raves about this lens and today was the day! It was amazing and perfect for shooting Miss Emily. Emily was an awesome little model despite peeing all over everything {OOPS! Who knew taking a baby's diaper off for a few minutes would cause the water works to flow freely?} I mean seriously, how much can a 20 lb. baby pee? We got a good laugh out of it and some cute little bare bottom shots. Christine was an amazing assistant and I couldn't have done it without her help. She was propping, poking, singing, fixing backgrounds, adjusting headbands and hats, wiping spit up, and soothing Emily when she had had enough. I had a wonderful time and the whole morning and afternoon got away from us.

Here are 50 of my favorites!


  1. CUTE! I can't believe how much you were able to pose & change her while she was asleep! WOW! And yeah ... they can pee. A lot. ;)

    1. Thanks Keri. She was very cooperative and such a sweet little baby. We sure learned out lesson about the peeing situation. We were amazed (Christine and I both not being moms LOL).