Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lennox Lake Date

Today I spent the day with the Lennox crew (minus John) at Lake Montclair. Kimberly and I packed up the car and ventured to the lake with the 3 littles in the sweltering July heat despite disapproval from the husbands. We wasted no time getting into the lake with the fish! YUCK! Desperate times call for desperate measures. {If you keep your feet/legs moving they won't nibble.} Ryan and Patrick swam, dunked each other and jumped from the dock with mommy while Miss Katy stole the limelight. Every time the camera went towards the boys they ducked underwater. Stinkeroonies!!! 

Katy watches mommy, P and Ryan jump from the dock!



A girl loves her pink! <3 the processing "bleach bypass"!

Miss Katy entertained herself in the sand!

Katy showing her sassy side splashing mommy!

P and Katy dig in the sand together. Doesn't get much sweeter than this! Luckily pictures capture moments not words because he was telling her, "PLEASE, DON'T DO THAT KATY!!!"

Look at those little ringlets! 

Sweet sweet Katy Rose!

Stick 'em up!

 Mommy and Katy are fishing. 

This is what trouble looks like!

Sweet Katy splashing Mrs. Jones!

Apparently when  you are 2.5 putting sand on your head seems like a good idea!

<3 those little cheeks!

I promise Ryan and P were with us! See here they are jumping off the dock.

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