Monday, July 8, 2013

Nora and Aiden

As a first grade teacher I took hundreds of pictures each week and shared them on Shutterfly for parents to peek into our classroom. This is something that parents always commented on and praised me for. I loved being able to share our day through photos. To say that I turned some of them into quite the little hams is an understatement although this little princess has a way of putting herself in the spot light! 
Meet Nora! Isn't she a doll? Nora is full of energy, chatty, smart, silly and a little bit sassy! She was one of my monkeys in first grade. I fell in love with her and her family on day one when she skipped into my classroom mid-summer introducing herself (she was a little excited to be attending her new school)! Her mom and I hit it off right away and have become quite close personal friends. Shanna is a super parent volunteer who would drop everything to help hang a bulletin board/cut,staple,glue,assemble anything, an awesome and thoughtful gift-giver, an amazing mommy and a kind woman who I am lucky to call a friend. 

Today after our lunch date the kids insisted that we walk around Old Town Manassas and since I always have my camera with me (Yes! I know my Coach purse is not exactly the safest location to keep an expensive camera.) I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of these cuties! Nora wasted no time flashing her smiling and striking poses. 

Meet Aiden (a? I mess it up every time)! Aiden is her big brother. He is my little buddy and we've spent lots of Wednesday afternoons hanging out together after school as well as our time with mommy and Nora. He is more on the reserved side but such a fun kid with a great sense of humor and personality. He is smart, athletic, a perfectionist and a great big brother!

And they love each other very much... 

Here are a few more pictures from the day! I hope you enjoy them :)!

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