Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cabacar Family Photo Shoot

Happy Saturday! I hope you enjoy the Cabacadr Family movie. They were so much fun to work. Mommy and daddy were very relaxed as Riley ran the show. He entertained us all while blowing bubbles, picking flowers, finding dragons, playing the drums, building, climbing, running, man-handling Bryson and escaping were his specialities of the day! They said he was three and full of energy and boy were they right but we had a blast! Mommy thought she might get a good nap out of Riley after his big morning in the heat. Bryson was such a calm little guy through the heat, countless photos and few close calls with Riley's excited movements.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Cabacar Family

I met the Cabacar's through a mutual friend and student parent who I've remained close with {Thank you Heather}. Heather saw my Baby K maternity shots and asked if it would be OK for her to give KJ my contact info. I was a little hesitant at first because this would be the first shoot that I didn't know the family prior to BUT I was excited to explore this opportunity and thankful for the recommendation from Heather! Of course our first photo shoot was "stormed out" which seems to be the way things are going with this photography business but luckily both Brian and Kerri are teachers so we were able to reschedule from Wednesday evening to Friday morning. We shot at the future home of Christ Chruch and the location couldn't have been more perfect.  

Before the shoot I had heard all about Bryson and I couldn't wait to meet him. Mommy said, "I want some pics of just my newborn but some of my 3 year old too. THAT will be the challenge." and Heather said, "He's as sweet as can be and a big ball of energy. He will make you work for your shots."

Mommy found a bubble recipe on Pinterest {What did we do BEFORE Pinterest?} and daddy whipped up some ginormous bubbles. This is definitely one of my favorite shots from the day and may also be in my all time favorites! Look at that smile. He was having so much fun. Soon after this picture he put his hands right in the bubble and began getting soapy. Then he lost his shoe and naturally dunked his whole foot in the bucket! Before things got too messy we went for a little walk! 

Bryson chilled while mommy watched Riley and daddy played with the bubble concoction. 

Bryson was fast asleep and Riley was picking flowers as well as finding koalas and T-Rexes in the tall grass. Some of my favorite shots are those candid moments when no one is paying attention and this is definitely one of those.

Despite the hot and humid weather and the ever anxious Riley wanting to man-handle hold Bryson he kept fast asleep and was the perfect model! Isn't he gorgeous?!

By now Riley was DONE so this picture is completely his expression with NO coaching. We may have told him that the sign said "BEST Big Brother Ever." We didn't explain that it was a For Sale sign, either way it has me laughing out loud. 

Before Riley escaped (to not really sure where) we were able to get a few family shots and I am in love with this one. 

Mommy found Riley and put him in his carseat so we could sneak a few pictures with just the baby! 

I had an absolute blast meeting this wonderful family. {Thank you again Heather for having faith in me to give a recommendation}. It was so much fun watching a this family interact from behind the lens (as if I wasn't even there). The love that this little family emulated was enough to make anyone smile. {Thank you Kerri and Brian for allowing me to capture some precious moments that I hope you will forever cherish}. After they got the littles buckled in we were able to chat some {teacher talk}! 

I am so pleased with the photos and had such a hard time picking "favorites" to share! I can't wait to put together the slide show:)! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Maternity Session #2

The Hamilton Family is expecting Baby #2, a precious little girl mid July! Lauren is a wonderful mommy to almost 3 year old Cole and wife to high school sweetheart Shane. I met Lauren through her mom, Karla who used to work with me. Lauren makes being pregnant look easy and glamorous! She was an amazing model for her maternity shoot. The weather didn't look great and we contemplated rescheduling several times but it didn't actually rain and we were able to get some awesome outdoor shots at a local creek near her house.

Doesn't she look like a model ?

I don't think this shot can get old no matter how many hand made hearts on bellies I see I still love it every time.

Finding a spot where the water was calm and the rocks weren't too steep was quite the challenge. When we finally found a location with this rock perched perfectly in the center of the water we hit the jackpot.   The only problem was getting our soon to pop mommy to be ON the rock!

She was a natural in front of the camera!

We found some daisies along the trail on our way back and had to stop for a quick pic.

Cole had been out with daddy feeding the fish, turtles and geese and was so happy to see mommy when they got home did a little photo bombing. He really wanted a bow for the baby in his belly.

While they aren't set on a name, Princess will surely be a nickname for this sweet little girl.

We had a great evening hanging out and chatting while I photographed her! Each photo shoot gives me the chance to practice "directing" a photo shoot, use my camera in different lighting situations and afterwards learn how to use Light Room to edit. While I still have a lot to learn and I know my photography has a long way to go I am really loving being able to capture significant times and small moments in others' lives. 

Enjoy the rest of the photos! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! Today was the last Friday of the school year! Since everyone was outside enjoying field day I only had one class this morning. I spent the morning outside with 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade friends! The storm held off and the weather was beautiful! Here are a few pictures that I can share since I know their mommies and daddies very well :)!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Baby K Slide Show

I had a blast shooting Priscilla and Matt who are expecting Baby K on July 6th! We had a lot of fun and couldn't have asked for better weather, thankfully we moved the shoot to the am and started outside!

Baby K

I feel so blessed to be able to shoot Priscilla and Matt who are expecting Baby K on July 6th! Priscialla and I met a few years ago when she was substitute teaching at my school and we became friends instantly! We've kept in touch through Facebook and on June 6th I saw a post that her maternity shoot was cancelled due to the weather! Her photographer couldn't reschedule until the end of June and she was concerned if that baby came early that she wouldn't have any pictures. After I finally talked myself into it I posted a comment back offering to do a photo shoot for her, this might seem like no big deal BUT this was my FIRST photo shoot! My first intentional attempt at taking photos to capture someone else's special memories! I have always been behind the camera capturing my own memories and photos that are special to me so this was a big step. We emailed back and fourth and set up a date as well as shared ideas from Pinterest!

After much debating over whether to start inside or outside we headed to the little dirt road lane near their house and here are a few of my favorites!

I took over 500 images and have about 100 that I am happy with! I had a blast shooting this lovely couple and I cannot wait for the newborn shoot!