Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rahimi Family

Meet the Rahimi family, Sadaf, Nabeel, Cameron and Zareena. Aren't they gorgeous?

Sadaf and I have worked together and been friends for the past five years.  She is an amazing person who I am so lucky to call a friend. Sadaf is not only stunning but also one of the most genuine and caring individuals I have ever met. I've never seen her upset or frazzled. She is always calm and never has a bad thing to say about anyone. She is a phenomenal teacher and I have learned so much working with her. It is amazing to watch her interact with her students and to see how smoothly her class runs with even the most difficult of students. I gained a whole new level of respect for her seeing her in action in the class as we got to co-teach a lot last year. I cannot say enough about what a lovely lady she is and truly a beautiful person on the inside and out!

Besides being an awesome person, teacher and friend, Sadaf is the mommy to two little ones under the age of 2 1/2! Cameron, the prince was born on June 17, 2011  and Zareena, the diva was born on September 9, 2012. Cameron still isn't sure why they decided to have another baby and doesn't like to share the spot light. He really does love her though <3!

Sadaf and I became friends instantly because we are both princesses and we love to shop! I've loved working with her and I am sad to be starting the school year without her. When Sadaf broke the news to me that she was thinking about staying at home with the littles my heart broke a little for our school because she is one of the best teachers I've ever met. Not to mention she always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. I am really going to miss seeing her beautiful face at work everyday but I know that the new journey she is on is going to be amazing! She has her hands full but this is such a special time that she won't be able to get back so school will be there when her littles grow up and she is ready to come back {she might not last long at home because she misses us too :)!}.

Cameron is all boy and Mommy and Daddy say that he is trouble with a capital T! He is a silly little guy who likes to run and laugh. Cameron is the prince and LOVES any attention he can get. He was talking up a storm and hammed it up for the camera. He just had a slight problem if Zareena got more attention or had her hands on a toy! Cameron loved chasing bugs, talking about Elmo, trains and balls, and diverting all attention from Zari. Sadaf being a teacher is looking for every developmental milestone and comparing him to his peers! I reassured her that he is developing JUST FINE and it's ok that you can't understand every word that he says. What 2 year old do you know that can identify the letters of the alphabet? I was blown away when he was able to identify all of the letters on my camera strap. He is 2!!!

Zareena is the diva. She was very chill and calm but Mommy and Daddy kept saying, "Just wait!" If Cameron upset her she was sure we all knew. She can turn a cry off and on in an instant. It was actually quite comical. Zari was happy hanging out with mommy or daddy. She loves to eat and wear adorable bows {or maybe mommy loves that}!

Thanks for checking out the Rahimi family <3! Enjoy the slide show! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Palmer Family

On Friday morning I got a frantic email from a fellow worrier, Kristin, wanting to switch her location! I can joke because we have this in common! I worry about the sun coming up so I can totally relate! Kristin's husband and I were able to reassure her that it would be perfect {or at least that's what I was hoping} and we decided to stick with our plan! Fairfax Government Center is beautiful and was absolutely perfect. Really when it comes down to location, any outdoor space will do but I love shooting in new places and it is always nice when the kids are comfortable in their surroundings and can pretend like I am not even there!

The Palmer's are a family of 5! Kristin and Sean are the proud parents of 3 littles, Katie, 8, Ryan, 5 and Evan, 2 1/2 (All of their names end in N, the girls are 7 letters long and the boys are 4!). They are such a sweet family and I had so much fun hanging out with them this morning. I love that this "work" allows me to meet so many different people and build relationships. I feel like so many of my clients have turned more into friends. 

Katie is the oldest and she is a girly girl. Pink twirly skirt, pink glasses and a sweet little personality. It didn't take long before she was posing for the camera! Look out world, we have another budding model. Katie loves school, especially math and is looking forward to starting 3rd grade. 

Ryan is the middle child and he is full of energy. He is on the go and loves to run. Ryan will be a first grader this year so he was excited to hear that I used to teach first grade. His eyes are stunning!

Evan is the baby although he would argue that he is a big boy. This little man wore a huge smile on his face all morning. He was so happy to be outside playing with his brother and sister. He loved finding rocks to throw over the bridge and he also loves race cars.

I really loved seeing this family together and the kids were so entertained outside. They weren't talking about their iPods, TV or computer. They were having fun being kids and playing outside. They loved throwing rocks into the water even if they almost knocked us out when the rocks didn't quite make it over the railing. They loved running, blowing bubbles, telling jokes, and just hanging out as a family which is so refreshing to see. 

Kristin is such a loving and nurturing mommy. Sean is the quite and reserved daddy who was going with the flow and happily came along for the photo adventure. We had a fun morning and the kids got ice cream for lunch {hope that wasn't a secret!} for their good behavior during the shoot. LOVE these silly shots because isn't this what life is like with 3 littles!?

Enjoy the slide show!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Announcing Fall Mini Sessions

Fall is upon us and the holiday season is right around the corner! Christmas is exactly 132 days away! It's never too early to start thinking about your holiday cards! October is a perfect time of year to take advantage of the cool crisp air and the beautiful fall colors. Nikki Lee Photography is excited to offer 3 Fall Mini sessions which will be held during two weekends only!

Who? This is for families (up to 6 people), kids, couples and seniors!

What is a mini? A mini is just that ... a MINI! It is 30 minutes of shooting time, 3 Facebook Sneak Peeks, 10-15 custom edited images on CD with a print release form.

When? Saturday, October 19th at Leesylvania State Park {changed from Old Town Manassas} 
8:00 - Lisa Neighbors Boger
9:00-10:30 Tracy Stavinoha Davidson
10:30 Kelly Fields
11:15 Larkin Family

Sunday, October 20th at Signal Hill Park in Manassas Park {changed from Old Town Alexandria}
2:45 Behzad's Family
3:30 Rebecca Arraya

Saturday, October 26th at Leesylvania State Park
8:00 Lindsey Blakely
8:45 Ashley Gray
9:30 Vicky Mason
10:15 Lisa Goodman Dunn
11:00 Karen Dietz Almedia
11:45 Lisa Goodman Dunn

How much? $99 

How do I book? All you need to do is email with your top three choices, with Fall Mini Session (location) in the subject line.

I look forward to working with you and helping you to capture some beautiful fall moments and memories!

Session is for up to 6 people.
All spaces are first come-first serve.
Payments must be made to reserve your time (by paying in full or a $50 deposit).
Payments can be made via Cash, Check or Credit.
No refunds.
Make up days will be announced if the weather is an issue.
Rescheduling will be at the discretion of the photographer.
No wardrobe changes.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Nora!


Happy Birthday Sweet Nora! Nora turned 8 and I can still remember the day I met her two years ago. She flew into my classroom talking a mile a minute. She was SO excited to be a first grader in my class. Nora is a girl that does school. You could say she is a teacher pleaser, she wants to do well, she loves to learn, she wants to help and she wants to be a friend to everyone. Miss Nora spent a year in my classroom and each day I fell a little more in love with her.

She is as sweet as she is cute which I find can be hard to come by. Always with a bow, a fashionable outfit and a bright smile Nora just melts my heart!

We've formed a bond that I can't really describe but I truly adore this little peanut. {Thanks Jennifer for taking our photo although I look a hot sweaty mess!}  Last year our bond grew and she promised I would always be her favorite {Sorry, Miss Jaffee! Hehe!}! I am no longer Mrs. Jones but have become Auntie Jones, she came up with this {totally on her own} a few months back, cheek kisses and all! She is a true character and such a spunky little person. I love her for the beautiful little girl that she is on the inside and out!

We had a fun "It's Great to be 8" photo shoot before her birthday party today! Seriously, does it get any cuter than this? She was a natural behind the lens and I don't think I got one picture of this little lady even when she was making silly faces!

Since the party was at the pool we glittered it up knowing she would get a few dips in before going home. Have you ever played with glitter? It is impossible to get rid of completely. {Sorry, Shanna! You will  be finding glitter in random places for weeks to come!}

Shanna has become such a great personal friend! Shanna is such an amazing mommy and would do anything for her two littles. She is a bit OCD and a lady of details. In her next life she is going to be a party planner. She's been planning this mermaid, underwater themed {mermaids sound "too baby" says Nora!} for weeks. Every detail was perfect and gorgeous! The color scheme, the poms, the place settings, the buckets of snacks, the cupcakes, the cotton candy, the favors, everything was thought out and executed perfectly.

Despite the threat of rain this morning the weather held out and it was a perfect day for a pool party! Mermaids and mommies had fun!!! Even this little mermaid who did NOT want her picture taken, silly little giggle pants!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

King's Dominion

Happy weekend friends! I've been so busy behind the lens that I took a small break today for a summer adventure to King's Dominion with the Lennox crew! I strongly debated not bringing the camera because I have had horrible luck lately with breaking things including my glasses, my iPad, and the guest bathroom shower. I also had to send my camera out earlier this summer for a dust spot so I wasn't sure King's Dominion was my best option but being without my camera is like being naked! SO I brought it along but only caught a few moments!

Ryan and Patrick are pros behind the lens!

Mommy and P on the Giant Eagle. This ride looked mild but it made Kimberly and I a little dizzy! 

Hold on tight little man!

I fell in LOVE with Snoopy Land! I am obsessed with Peanuts <3! This sign just sums me up perfectly! 

Having our picture taken with Linus (my favorite Peanuts character) was the highlight of my day!

One of Kimberly's BFFs from college joined us with her two gorgeous littles so I had a few new subjects that I had to capture. I loved meeting Tara and her two boys! We had a blast and it was a much needed break from being in front of the computer screen. We had so much fun that we are thinking about season passes next year. It was my first time at King's Dominion and there is so much to see and do that we surely missed more than half of the excitement!

Alex was such a trooper hanging out in the heat!

He had fun playing peek-a-boo with his hat while waiting for the big kids to ride rides!

And then he needed a little nap! Doesn't he look like a precious little doll baby? Love every detail of sweet baby pictures!

Jackson and Ryan discovered a lizard that they watched intently UNTIL it started moving towards them!

Jackson might have almost peed his pants when the lizard headed his way!

The water park was the best part of our day! Jackson had fun dancing in the water with the big boys!

I guess it is a good thing my camera took a break because these two littles were NOT happy behind the lens today! This picture just captures their sentiment perfectly!

Patrick wouldn't even look at me. {Tear!} My sweet little P man is turning into a stinky little third grader! {Sigh!}