Thursday, April 17, 2014

Senior Kiana

Meet Kiana! She was a natural in front of the camera and I don't think there was a bad shot of her! I had a blast hanging out with her and it was a perfect evening for a photo shoot. The weather was just right and Old Town wasn't busy at all. She was up for any pose I put her in and always ready to flash a gorgeous smile. My camera fell in love with her and it was near impossible for me to pick a few favorites! 

Diaz Maternity

I met the Diaz family last summer and had the pleasure of photographing them this fall! One of the greatest compliments I can receive as a photographer is a repeat customer. I was beyond thrilled to photograph their growing family! 

Elizabeth is 3 and has a mind of her own! She had her own vision for the photo shoot which included posing in front of this window.

I think Jill looks absolutely stunning! She is due May 10th with Baby #2!

The "Three Little Pigs" according to Miss E! Not sure what they will become when Baby #2 arrives, maybe someone will turn into the Big Bad Wolf!

Sarah and James Engagement

Hello Spring! I am so happy to be back behind the lens and couldn't have kicked off the season with a lovelier couple! I also found an awesome new shoot location, thank you Sarah!!! James and Sarah are getting married next April. These two are down to earth, laid back and a ton of fun. Our whole day was spent laughing and I loved watching them together. They were so silly, playful and always making each other laugh. It's actually to my surprise that no one ended up IN the water! They were having a blast even though being in front of the camera was not the first thing that they wanted to do on a gorgeous Saturday morning! Thanks for being so wonderful!