Sunday, September 29, 2013


Meet Carleigh! I love photographing seniors. I had a blast hanging out and getting to know Carleigh a little better as she stunned my camera with her gorgeous good looks! She is beautiful inside and out and her personality really shined through in all of her photos!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Davis Family

I cannot believe how time flies, it seems like just yesterday I had Joshua in 1st grade and now he is a 6th grader! The Davis family is near and dear to my heart. I became friendly with Dee when Joshua was in my class and have remained close with them over the past 5 years. Dee is an amazing mom of these three beautiful children, Phillipa, Joshua and Nathan!

Phillipa is the oldest and the only girl. She is a Sophomore in high school and is on the Crew team. Phillipa is a budding photographer and had fun checking out my equipment. She wants to learn how to shoot in Manuel mode so we made plans to go shooting together. 

Joshua is such a sweet soul. He is one of the nicest boys I've met with a kind heart and a funny sense of humor. I asked him, "When did you get so big and handsome?" and his response was, "I started growing in 2nd grade but I've always been handsome!!!"

Nathan is the baby. He is smart as a whip and loves to push his brother's buttons! Nathan let the cat out of the bag that Joshua has a girlfriend. Between sharing Joshua's secret and trying to push him into the lake Nathan was entertaining me. He is also COOL, can't you tell from his picture?!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Villaver Family

Meet the Villaver Family, aren't they a gorgeous family of 5?


Ellen and I were introduced to each other by our dear friend Kimberly. We hit it off instantly and it was like we had always been friends! Soon after the Lennox family shoot Ellen and I began planning a styled Villaver family shoot. When we first started talking about location and ideas we agreed that we both loved open fields, old barns and mature trees! Ellen called up her friend Joan and we used her gorgeous 83 acre lot! Ellen has a good eye and is very creative. She found and made all of the props for our shoot this morning. {Dream client!} 


It was a gorgeous fall-like morning and a perfect morning for family photos {maybe a little chilly}. 

Ellen and I chatted as she buzzed around and created a dreamy vintage setting with lace tent, paper banners, tea set and all! Jillian was a big help and loved spending time with mommy this morning. Ethan, Elizabeth and daddy arrived just as it was starting to warm up a little bit BUT Elizabeth was NOT quite sure what to think. 

Ethan is the oldest of 3. He is quiet, polite and he loves football. This morning was his first practice. He was super excited and hoping to be playing quarterback. He is the only 8 year old I've met that has a Fantasy Football team. He loves the Baltimore Ravens and doesn't go anywhere without his football! Ethan and daddy are outnumbered but they snuck in their own time talking sports and throwing the football. 

Jillian is the middle child. She is quiet and sweet. She wasn't sure what to think of me at first but as soon as you tell kids to say something silly you suddenly are in their good graces. Jillian adores her big brother and is a great big sister. She was right in her element as soon as Elizabeth arrived. She was so helpful all morning. Her patience and kindness with Elizabeth showed off her sweet soul and melted my heart. She is an awesome big sister and one beautiful little lady!

Elizabeth or Bish is the baby! She is mommy's girl and wanted "Uppie, uppie, please!" all morning. She was not really sure about me or the camera but by the end of our session she was in having fun and we finally got some good smiles {too bad daddy and Ethan had to leave early for football practice}. 

Ethan was such a trooper although he made it very clear that he was not going to drink the tea! Tea is for GIRLS but he cooperated and sat for a few tea party shots with the ladies. 

I had such a great morning with this awesome family. I feel so blessed to be able to meet and photograph so many amazing people. As usual I loved watching this family interact and their love for one another was so sweet to see. Stay tuned for the V Family slide show coming soon :)! 

Virginia & John

Virginia and John are getting married on November 16th {and I will be shooting their wedding}! Virginia and John are both laid back and easy-going however, they were NOT in love with the idea of an engagement photo shoot. I finally convinced them that it would be a good idea and we set a date. I was half expecting them to not show up haha but they did and we had a great session.... well it didn't start off so great. At one point I remember secretly thinking, "Kimberly, what have you gotten me into?"

Virginia and John arrive and they both do not look overly joyed to see me and my two cameras. I try to break the ice and find out their story and it goes something like this....

Me: So where did you two meet?
John: Online.
Me: Awesome, was it Match, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish....
John: CatholicMatch.
Me: Tell me about your first date... you can tell me to shut up at any time you don't want to answer one of my questions.
John: Coffee.
Virginia: We went for coffee. 
Me: Did you hit it off right away?
John: Yes. Virginia shakes her head and agrees.
Me: Was it love at first sight?
John: Not really. 
Virginia: Nah.

For those of you who know me and know me well you must be cracking up because I am a talker. I like getting to know people and finding out about their lives. Virginia and John weren't giving me much to work with! I decided we needed to just sit down and chat without the camera for a bit to loosen them up! Over drinks, without the cameras they came to life and shared their story. I think it finally came out that they were more worried at what I was asking on Kimberly's behalf {the nosey sister and soon-to-be sister-in-law} than they were about me being nosey.

I promised them no "cheesy poses" and a relaxed photo shoot. I really just wanted to get to know them before showing up at their wedding in a few months. We ended up having a great shoot and before the night was over it was like we were old friends laughing and joking! We shared stories and had a great time. 


Meet Addison! She just turned 5 and it doesn't get much cuter than this!

Addison brought her two dogs to the photo shoot! Boomer is also 5 and like Addison's brother and Ruby, the new puppy! Boomer sat patiently as Addison modeled away. Ruby, on the other hand was full of energy! She ran circles around us, grabbed anything within her reach and was one wild little puppy.

Addison was a natural in front of the camera and hammed it up right away! Seriously? It doesn't get much cuter! She needed almost no direction but I pulled a few secret phrases out to get the extra giggles! Oh how I love little girl giggles. The secret phrases you ask? Anything inappropriate that I must disclaim to the children that they cannot say after I leave :)! Works EVERY time!

Addison is such a sweet little girl. After her shoot I talked for quite awhile with her mom and dad and she waited quietly as we talked although she wanted to desperately go to the playground.

Monroe Family

Meet the Mareno girls, Shawna and Samantha. Tracy and her husband are both Marines and met while serving in Okinawa, Japan on February 18th. I would like to again, thank them for their service to our country. They were married soon after in Las Vegas on November 18th. 18 is a special number in this family, Shawna was born on July 18th.  Tracy is originally from Ohio and her husband is from California. They have been living in Northern Virginia for several years and working on a nearby base.

Samantha is 4. She is independent, silly and a loving big sister. Samantha loves to read and play with their dog Jessie.

Shawna just turned 1 and she is a laid back little lady. Shawna loves her kitty and to dance {as long as she has shoes on and her little toes aren't touching the grass}. Mommy and daddy sing, "Go baby, go baby, GO" and Shawna shakes it.

Both girls love music and mommy sang lots of songs! They also love doing art and would've spent the morning drawing with chalk on the boards if we had let them.

Mommy and daddy hung in the background most of the morning trying to get the girls to smile and look at the camera through singing, silly dancing, funny noises, making comments that make little girls giggle, bribing and all but standing on their heads.

I had so much fun with this little family of four +1.