Saturday, September 14, 2013

Villaver Family

Meet the Villaver Family, aren't they a gorgeous family of 5?


Ellen and I were introduced to each other by our dear friend Kimberly. We hit it off instantly and it was like we had always been friends! Soon after the Lennox family shoot Ellen and I began planning a styled Villaver family shoot. When we first started talking about location and ideas we agreed that we both loved open fields, old barns and mature trees! Ellen called up her friend Joan and we used her gorgeous 83 acre lot! Ellen has a good eye and is very creative. She found and made all of the props for our shoot this morning. {Dream client!} 


It was a gorgeous fall-like morning and a perfect morning for family photos {maybe a little chilly}. 

Ellen and I chatted as she buzzed around and created a dreamy vintage setting with lace tent, paper banners, tea set and all! Jillian was a big help and loved spending time with mommy this morning. Ethan, Elizabeth and daddy arrived just as it was starting to warm up a little bit BUT Elizabeth was NOT quite sure what to think. 

Ethan is the oldest of 3. He is quiet, polite and he loves football. This morning was his first practice. He was super excited and hoping to be playing quarterback. He is the only 8 year old I've met that has a Fantasy Football team. He loves the Baltimore Ravens and doesn't go anywhere without his football! Ethan and daddy are outnumbered but they snuck in their own time talking sports and throwing the football. 

Jillian is the middle child. She is quiet and sweet. She wasn't sure what to think of me at first but as soon as you tell kids to say something silly you suddenly are in their good graces. Jillian adores her big brother and is a great big sister. She was right in her element as soon as Elizabeth arrived. She was so helpful all morning. Her patience and kindness with Elizabeth showed off her sweet soul and melted my heart. She is an awesome big sister and one beautiful little lady!

Elizabeth or Bish is the baby! She is mommy's girl and wanted "Uppie, uppie, please!" all morning. She was not really sure about me or the camera but by the end of our session she was in having fun and we finally got some good smiles {too bad daddy and Ethan had to leave early for football practice}. 

Ethan was such a trooper although he made it very clear that he was not going to drink the tea! Tea is for GIRLS but he cooperated and sat for a few tea party shots with the ladies. 

I had such a great morning with this awesome family. I feel so blessed to be able to meet and photograph so many amazing people. As usual I loved watching this family interact and their love for one another was so sweet to see. Stay tuned for the V Family slide show coming soon :)! 

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