Saturday, September 14, 2013


Meet Addison! She just turned 5 and it doesn't get much cuter than this!

Addison brought her two dogs to the photo shoot! Boomer is also 5 and like Addison's brother and Ruby, the new puppy! Boomer sat patiently as Addison modeled away. Ruby, on the other hand was full of energy! She ran circles around us, grabbed anything within her reach and was one wild little puppy.

Addison was a natural in front of the camera and hammed it up right away! Seriously? It doesn't get much cuter! She needed almost no direction but I pulled a few secret phrases out to get the extra giggles! Oh how I love little girl giggles. The secret phrases you ask? Anything inappropriate that I must disclaim to the children that they cannot say after I leave :)! Works EVERY time!

Addison is such a sweet little girl. After her shoot I talked for quite awhile with her mom and dad and she waited quietly as we talked although she wanted to desperately go to the playground.

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