Sunday, September 15, 2013

Davis Family

I cannot believe how time flies, it seems like just yesterday I had Joshua in 1st grade and now he is a 6th grader! The Davis family is near and dear to my heart. I became friendly with Dee when Joshua was in my class and have remained close with them over the past 5 years. Dee is an amazing mom of these three beautiful children, Phillipa, Joshua and Nathan!

Phillipa is the oldest and the only girl. She is a Sophomore in high school and is on the Crew team. Phillipa is a budding photographer and had fun checking out my equipment. She wants to learn how to shoot in Manuel mode so we made plans to go shooting together. 

Joshua is such a sweet soul. He is one of the nicest boys I've met with a kind heart and a funny sense of humor. I asked him, "When did you get so big and handsome?" and his response was, "I started growing in 2nd grade but I've always been handsome!!!"

Nathan is the baby. He is smart as a whip and loves to push his brother's buttons! Nathan let the cat out of the bag that Joshua has a girlfriend. Between sharing Joshua's secret and trying to push him into the lake Nathan was entertaining me. He is also COOL, can't you tell from his picture?!

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