Saturday, September 14, 2013

Monroe Family

Meet the Mareno girls, Shawna and Samantha. Tracy and her husband are both Marines and met while serving in Okinawa, Japan on February 18th. I would like to again, thank them for their service to our country. They were married soon after in Las Vegas on November 18th. 18 is a special number in this family, Shawna was born on July 18th.  Tracy is originally from Ohio and her husband is from California. They have been living in Northern Virginia for several years and working on a nearby base.

Samantha is 4. She is independent, silly and a loving big sister. Samantha loves to read and play with their dog Jessie.

Shawna just turned 1 and she is a laid back little lady. Shawna loves her kitty and to dance {as long as she has shoes on and her little toes aren't touching the grass}. Mommy and daddy sing, "Go baby, go baby, GO" and Shawna shakes it.

Both girls love music and mommy sang lots of songs! They also love doing art and would've spent the morning drawing with chalk on the boards if we had let them.

Mommy and daddy hung in the background most of the morning trying to get the girls to smile and look at the camera through singing, silly dancing, funny noises, making comments that make little girls giggle, bribing and all but standing on their heads.

I had so much fun with this little family of four +1.

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