Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 26th Minis

Oh hello winter, where did you come from?! Do you know it was 26 degrees on Saturday morning?! 26 is FREEZING and the wind did not help the cause BUT the show went on and we had a wonderful morning of minis!

Ashley & Ryan 

I started the morning with Ashley and Ryan, high school sweethearts who've been dating for 9 years! Yup, you know you are wondering the same thing as me and of course I asked, "Really, what are you waiting for?" 

Ryan got a little flustered and Ashley was cracking up, a question they've heard a million times. They've been ring shopping {and house shopping} and Ryan promises it is coming soon! We had a good giggle over that conversation and even threw in some talk about engagement and wedding photos :)! We had a great morning. Ashley is a teacher and Ryan is in the elevator business {now I know who to call if I'm ever stuck in an elevator}. Ryan is also part time crabber so he was in love with the water as a backdrop.

I have a soft spot for fur babies so of course I feel in love with Lucas, their their Newfoundland. 

Mason Family

Meet the Mason family, Vicky, Dominic, Reagan, Lucy and Avery! Aren't they an adorable family of 5?! As the morning went on it continued to feel colder and windier!  The Mason family arrived bundled up in winter coats and dressed in layers! We encouraged the girls to play tag which was working... until Lucy fell and scraped her knee {tears}!!! She made a full recovery and we were able to make our way around the park despite the frigid air!

Reagan and daddy share a moment on the playground! THIS is a perfect example of an amazing capture that happens when you are "just being" a family!

Lucy, the middle girl is full of energy and a little bit of sass! She had a mind and agenda of her own.

Reagan, the oldest Mason girl has gorgeous golden curls and a beautiful little smile. She was a bit more shy and stuck close to mommy most of the morning.

Avery spent most of the morning watching everyone and trying to keep warm in someone's arms. Her favorite part of the day was this people mover playground piece. 

Almeida Family

Meet the Almeida family, Karen, Brian, Alex, Aaron and Amanda! You would've thought the weather was warming up as the morning went on but the wind picked up and it was bitter cold for our session. 

Alex and Aaron were fine with the weather and had fun exploring near the water but poor Amanda was sleepy and freezing. 

I don't remember what they were talking about but I love this one, their expressions are priceless!

Aaron the explorer and adventurous soul flaunted his baby blues all morning!

Sometimes a girl just needs her mommy and binkie!

Luckily, we snuck a few great shots in before she totally melted down! 

Happy Sunday friends! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog!


  1. Thanks for a wonderful morning despite the tears, runny noses and everything else. The photos are priceless! Thank you so much!!

    1. Hey Vicky! I am thrilled and relieved to hear that you love the images so far. Glad we stuck it out through the cold weather and tears.