Monday, October 14, 2013

Jackson Family

Meet the Jackson Family, Dawn, Greg, Cameron, Lucas and Avery! 

This lovely little family of five were busy and ready to P L A Y! 

Cameron was NOT in love with the idea of family photos at 8am on a Saturday morning but he decided to make the best of the day which involved climbing everything and anything he could. Cameron is a typical 14 year old boy, he hates school, loves cars, may be a tiny bit lazy (says dad and Dawn) and thinks the world is out to get him :)! He came around and ended up having a great time once he loosened up and started having fun just hanging out! 

Lucas, Mr. Athletic was more interested in playing football, climbing on the playground and watching the boats than he was in having his picture taken! The trick to this cute smile a simple challenge NOT to smile! How stinking cute is this little love?!

Avery is the baby! He is ALL boy and going through the "bipolar" 2 year old stage mommy says! Avery was ON THE GO and wasn't quite sure what to think about my two big cameras. The secret to this smile, daddy was throwing pine cones at him! Yup, he is all boy too because he hopped right off the swing and started chucking pine cones back at daddy and somehow poor mommy got in the mix and pine cones were flying everywhere!

Getting 5 people to look at the camera and smile proves to be a tricky task even with song and dance which is why most of my favorite photos continue to be candid moments caught when families are just being! Just hanging out together and having fun, when they forget you are there, those are the moments that I treasure and I hope that my clients do too! 

Like this kiss between mommy and daddy before they race down the slide while the three littles are chasing each other around the playground.

Or this dog pile moment when a football tackle turned into a family giggle fest! 

Mommy and Luke play on the playground, waiting for the teeter to move one way or another! So I didn't capture 100 perfectly posed family photos of everyone looking and smiling but I do think I captured this family and their life in THIS moment, today! Stay tuned for more cuteness and their family slide show, coming soon!

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